nota hati seorang lelaki

nota hati seorang lelaki

nota hati seorang lelaki

This book taught me to know the role of men in this life. They are not only the khalifah but also the strength of ummah…
So, there is one quote that moves me… I shared this quote to my dad and he just silent and smile…

Hadiah terbaik seorang ayah kepada anak-anaknya ialah dengan mencintai ibu mereka.
Cintailah isteri nescaya anak-anak akan mencintai kita.
Jangan sekali-kali memisahkan kasih antara anak dan ibu,
nanti putus pula kasih antara anak dan bapa.

So, I told my dad, “Ayah, I think this is the simplest way for you to gain your children love… You just have to love our Mak… Mak doesn’t like you to marry other woman because she will hurt a lot and she is sooooo sensitive about this. So, Yana don’t want you to make her cry and sad. If Mak will be sad, we will hate you… Hehehe”…
My dad replied, ” Kejam la statement Yana ni… Don’t worry… Ayah really understand your mom and try my best to make her happy.”
My sister, Zainab and I smile and said to my dad, “WE LOVE YOU DAD!!!”

the second quote that moves me,

“Apabila kita sering diuji dengan apa yang kita dakwahkan,
itu petanda Allah sedang mendidik kita agar melaksanakan apa yang kita perkatakan.
Bersyukurlah kerana Allah masih sudi mengingati kita dalam usaha kita mengingati manusia”

This quote above reminds me about meaningful life. How important to be humble and always improve myself in order to face all the challenges in life. There will always a moment when we want to be a good person, tragic tragedy interfere and let us question our values. Be strong! Allah want us to learn the meaning of being a kind-hearted person. Being nice not just demand you to have a good wish and will but testing your patience and credibility. Just face it strongly and willingly. InsyaAllah, everything will be fine… Never stop learning!!!

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